Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Trip to the Auckland Museum

On the 13th of November Busy Bees went to the Auckland Museum on a trip. We had an awesome time of learning there. We learnt about the volcano, how soldiers fought in the big wars, how the early settlers lived and kept their homes. It was weird to see how people did not have computers, i-pads and interactive white boards in their schools in the olden days. Looking at the waka, Marae and other things that Maori people used to use was a great learning.We went to the Winter Garden and we saw beautiful flowers of different kinds. We really enjoyed sitting under the trees and having our morning tea and lunch. Here are some pictures of our awesome time.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our trip to Auckland Museum

On the 13th of November we went to Auckland Museum on a trip.

We had an awesome time looking at the exhibits and learning about many new things.
We saw a Marae and went inside to see the carvings and learnt different parts of  the Marae
We had our morning tea and lunch under the tree and had great fun

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome to Term 4!


After having a refreshing term break, Successful Super Learners are ready to plunge into an action filled Term 4. We have had a great start of the term!

In Term 3, Successful Super Learners focused on reading, writing and maths and achieved great success. We were fortunate to go to the big city on a trip, which proved to be a great learning and fun experience for the children. We learnt about different modes of transport and looked at tall buildings, the Sky Tower, busy streets and got a feel of  life in the city.

Term 4 will be an exciting and busy term for the Super Learners. We are going to focus on the ‘Cook Islands’ and learn all about their culture as part of our topic ‘Pasifica’. Yesterday, we looked at the world map to find the location of  'Cook Islands'. We also watched a 'hair cutting' ceremony on youtube. It was interesting. 

Super Learners are looking forward to having fun with great learning experiences in Term 4!